Escapism. Sometimes we have to believe that all can be right with the world. Optimism is not a logical fallacy. Sometimes we need to look out and believe that temperatures have remained constant, that floods today mimic floods of prehistoric times, that people, at their very core, wants what is best for their fellow species. Sometimes we need to encounter dogs semi-wild yet still loyal to humans. Sometimes we need to look out at the ocean and see infinity. We cannot have faith in nation sized floating islands of plastic, we cannot find hope in reality tv, our DNA does not care for mail ordered pre-packaged meals. Sometimes we have to taste food whose scents blow in the wind, shaking the trees we seek for shelter. Our bodies need a purpose other than to take us from point A to point B. And in that escape, we find what we thought had been lost. Lost to the daily reports, strangled by the web of capital, forced us into contortions to satisfy some protocol. In that escape, we find a precious commodity, a rarer and rarer mineral, a sustainable resource only we refuse to regenerate, we find hope.

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  1. jusRhae says:

    Loved this!! Read it silently to self, then out loud to my housemate. Both = loved this. Thank you.

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