Let Santa be Santa 

Santa is a vehicle to transmit the idea that larger forces agree on what it means to be good.

What good are crystals during a war?

The insidious danger of teaching people that they can wear, burn, meditate or pray away what is harming them is the onus on personal responsibility.

Regrettable sex and other privileges

Regrettable sex is something that should be celebrated because it teaches us what kinds of sex we do really like and what kinds of sex leave us feeling nothing much.

a plea to the moderate

The only question that now needs asking is the same one it has always been, which side are you on? There is no neutral, no return to normal, no “just respect the laws”, no voting our way out of this one.

Why rage now

So yes this is the moment to get into the streets, to harness the power we gain by coming together and to understand that Black folks have always been fighting for all of our humanity, to save our souls now on this earth. The demands for basic respect is to save us all from participating in the dehumanizing impact of being a person who ignores the humanity of others.

Remedial Decency for white people

Okay white people here is our remedial course on being a decent person: We do not call the police because a Black person asks us to leash our dog. We do not call the police because a Black person is wearing a hoodie. We do not call the police because a Black person walks too…

Darwin and fairness

People in positions of privilege and especially white people love to harp on the concept of fairness. It is one of many code words that reveals how little they care about the legacy of racism. This is going to be a sloppy attempt to decipher some of this code. Evolution and thus I am the…

a wonderful piece by a new friend

A Year of No “Two weeks after that, while I am standing in the basement marvelling at my good fortune, the walls spontaneously catch on fire due to faulty wiring.”

you are your circumstances and other ineloquent, obvious points

Know-Thy-Self. Seems that enlightenment is defined by a person’s ability to simplify their sense of self and meditate upon it. Or that pop culture offers quizzes, personality tests, astrology, self-diagnosis to then self-help. All has contributed to a reinforced obsession with the self – a hunk of marble for us to chisel and polish. Our…

Gentrification and anxiety

Gentrification and anxiety. The effects of gentrification are an interesting lens through which to view mental health. And before I get too far into the esoteric or perhaps abstract; I think a critical piece is that gentrification is not a general term. It is not used for when a lively immigrant community moves in,  paints…

my 2018 list

AMELIE’S 2018 TOP LIST: Best Music album: Whack World by Tierra Whack. Toys with our newly born short attention-span. A non-male perspective that is not discussing sex, sexual appeal, money or anger. Released with an parallel choreographed video series that illuminates the logic of putting out an album in which every song is exactly 1…