what could be a bigger downer than “failure”

I had started this blog with just my name, but it is not about me as a person, my writing here is meant to be me as a thinking, observing participant in our world. Collective failure was going to be my first entry, which seemed like a terribly depressing notion. I’d pondered, “will I simply…

Let Santa be Santa 

Santa is a vehicle to transmit the idea that larger forces agree on what it means to be good.

For my 40th Birthday I cracked a coconut

It is not a metaphor. I found a coconut on the ground, where tons more lay because I am in Florida, and watched youtube videos and took a chisel and hammered away at it. People so often think of birthdays or celebration is getting something – and so I could have bought coconut water, dried…

What good are crystals during a war?

The insidious danger of teaching people that they can wear, burn, meditate or pray away what is harming them is the onus on personal responsibility.

Skipping to 40

A little riddle for my upcoming 40th Birthday I found what I truly wanted, it is one of a kind. But a little similar to something I already really like. I had to drive a ways and it cost $300 and might cost me more. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but it goes…

Under-resourced identities

My one rule is do NOT be boring. I am writing this as a guide because I know that many of you have not had the exposure or resources you might need to fully understand this rule. You are very under-resourced, unprivileged and deprived of what it takes to achieve this one goal. For example…

Think of memoir’s first chapter as a suitcase

Originally posted on Monica Lee:
One way to judge a good memoir is by its first chapter. At a memoir writing workshop I attended before writing “The Percussionist’s Wife,” author Paulette Bates Alden (“Crossing the Moon”) maintained the first chapter was a reflection of all that was to follow. “The first chapter is like a…

Occupy Wall street aka when the middle class was snapped

The snap of Thanos has become a pop culture analogy for sudden and drastic change. Occupy Wall street was a moment when those who held supposed middle-class positions – lawyers, professors, middle-managers – discovered their exploitation. A fizzure occurred within their self-image that had been built on a “white supremacist capitalist patriarchal values” as bell hooks so clearly…

On Writing: An Abecedarian

A dedication to letters, words, sounds, silence and reading; interwoven with ancient history and what we still have to learn from it.   Source: On Writing: An Abecedarian

a letter slipped under the door

I can empty my brain and thus my heart, I can examine it outside of me, clear my physical sensations to make space for what the emotions are.

Regrettable sex and other privileges

Regrettable sex is something that should be celebrated because it teaches us what kinds of sex we do really like and what kinds of sex leave us feeling nothing much.