false symbols, false hope

Yes this is co-optation of resistance, advertised darkness, fake rebellion, but if the power of art and symbols and beats and words can drive people to squander the worlds natural wealth, ignore the sufferings of others, and live blind, how come this cannot insight to action?

No Church in the Wild

It is worth watching, it is full of imagery that could be ripped from the recent NATO protest, from Syria today or yesterday or tomorrow, from the Paris ghettos. I wonder, so deeply, with public figures of such prominence, idolized as they are, why it is that these such images and emotions are not what people seek to find, understand, and hold. Rather the excesses of wealth, devastation of women, and the bling of blood becomes the ideal. Here is it, sold to you just the same as everything else, so why not consume this, strive towards knowing and identifying with this?

to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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