nostalgia, trauma, and gentrification

Nostalgia, trauma, and gentrification. If your childhood was spent somewhere safe and quiet, with a cul-d-sac or winding country roads and square footage for each member of the family, including the dog – this may not apply to you. If you come from a place with a name not even recognized the next county over,…

the only certainty is uncertainty

This will sound outlandish, but the 9/11 attacks occurred at the perfect time in my life. I did not profit nor truly suffer from that tragedy, but it did help to frame my world view. I had already come to understand true poverty by seeing children with distended bellies and victims of leprosy in the…

may we have some time to mourn

I am trying to come up from that dive into the deep, I can only stay below the tumult for so long, I need to take a breath, I need to breathe. I need some time to mourn, please.

some of my truths

I am not sure I want biological children of my own I love being an aunt. I am terrible and know better but spoiling them is one of my favorite things. I love being a teacher, and I think that I am good at it. I want more freedom in my life. I am a…

hippocampus of objects

In the US we will live in a very object foci lens. We demonstrate our wealth, status, loyalty, tribe affiliation, style, values, concerns, obsessions, weaknesses through our objects. Although I generally consider such material needs as a foible, a misappropriation of what is essential, now I ponder upon the memories that objects hold for us….