D.I.Y. Reparations

If you see a Black security guard watching over your local drugstore, tell him that you are participating in the movement of D.I.Y. reparations and hand him a $100 bill.

white people should never be the lead singer

I am going to attempt to lay-out a critical theory to collective redemption. Some weeks ago the mainstream media got ahold of some delicious mangled carcass, and like hyaenas, screamed and pulled and gnawed it apart – I refer to that Dohezal lady. Now the fact that a substantial quantity of people know what I…

#columbusing and the pleasure principle

First I have to express my dismay at not coming up with the term – columbusing. It fully expresses something that I often think and speak about, the historical and modern day colonizing projects of white people. But now that we have the term, it is time to proliferate it.

let’s play a game – spot the hypocrisy

Bill Gates makes his fortune on new technologies – both hardware and software. Bill Gates uses a small portion of his gigantic fortune to fund “education reform”. He throws money at every new, shiny idea that comes across his desk – small schools, technology in the classroom, the Common Core, and educating for global competencies….

my soul will resist privatization

merriam-webster defines public as:  of, relating to, or affecting all the people or the whole area of a nation or state <public law> Those who live to affect their individual selves, for their own gain, have been chipping away at all institutions of the public. Soon the public will be caged in by the private. I am a…

retail therapy

i love shopping. i always have. it used to be a time for family bounding, with my mother, my grandmother, my friends, and now just some quiet time to myself. what is it about shopping that feels so rewarding, like winning a prize, accomplishing a goal, strategizing a good play, a small thrill. yes as…

Adolescent rebellions

Before I had anything to lose, before I had the ties that bind, the sense of considering the future in terms of retirement funds, when I saw the world though an truly suspicious eye… I’d told myself, Amelie. Do not simply get a job, make a family and forget you’re obligations beyond that, don’t let…