the revoke award show

collective failure

When a person wins an award it is all celebration, publicity, and inscriptions in the record-books. Now we face the flood of “revelations” that many recipients of such awards do not deserve the honor. So a small article is typed out to state that the award, distinction, title or honor has been revoked. Yet no transgressor worries much about this because no parallel kind of pomp and circumstance is given to the shaming event. It is done quietly.

Is a record even made of the person returning the plaque, medal, award, moonman, gold coin,  ring, watch, crystal paperweight etc. And then what happens to this hunk of semi-valuable material? I advocate that we begin to host a revoke award show each year, of course the Weinteins and Cosbys wouldn’t attend, and in fact the event would not even have to focus on the specifics, the directors could decide on how…

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to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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