universe, I get it, message received loud and clear

I don’t always discuss the specifics of my life, but these are too good not to share.

If you have been reading as of late, you know that I am taking a year away from being a classroom teacher to focus on my writing. It is also time for me to reflect on my career and where I want to direct the next couple of years. I figure that at the age of almost 34 I have some time to still make some changes and then change back if necessary.

So I packed up my home, downsized as much as possible, packed  what I needed into bins, and brought myself to Philadelphia for part one of this year. I have always been very fond of Philadelphia and have two very good friends who are rooted here. In my time here I have made some new really great friends and all around feel embraced by this city.

Now there is a theory that the power of atoms attracting, fibonacci’s sequence, black holes, magnetic pull of the moon – whether it is ethereal or mathematic – there are powers greater than ourselves. In general I simply refer to it as the universe. And the universe has been yelling so loudly at me, it can no longer be ignored. The only thing the universe wants of me is that I be writing. Every attempt to do something else, to attempt other uses of my time end in some very blatant call to non-action. Here is my actions, and subsequent consequences for putting my energy and time towards anything other than writing.

  • I go out an socialize, bringing along my dog –> he maims my friend’s nose
  • I get a part-time job delivering groceries to supplement my savings –> costs of gas and oil change, then put a gash in the door
  • I meet about participating in a community debate –> get a parking ticket
  • I plan on teaching at a professional development –> I get the location of the high school wrong by confusing the wrong state

At every turn away from writing, just another form of disaster. It has been consistent, clear, and cacophonous. I get it, just sit at my desk and write. That is the only thing I am meant to be asking of myself. That is the only thing the universe wants me to be doing.

to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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