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collective failure

A while back, this guy I went to high school with began dating an (ex)friend of mine. Eventually he felt comfortable enough to assess my current self to my teenage self. You see in high school I gave a total of zero shits about social norms.

I never had a chance to “belong”, so much so that for many of my formative years I didn’t even know I was suppose to try and belong. And I did not grow up on some commune or unexposed to media, I just figured it was all open to interpretation. I could take what the world had to offer and do with it however I pleased. So to cope with the overwhelming social pressures of adolescence, I simply took the route of greatest resistance.

My style, remembered by myself and reminded by him included: combat boots – couldn’t afford Doc Martens, my dads old plaid, hoodies…

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to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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