white people should never be the lead singer

collective failure

I am going to attempt to lay-out a critical theory to collective redemption.

Some weeks ago the mainstream media got ahold of some delicious mangled carcass, and like hyaenas, screamed and pulled and gnawed it apart – I refer to that Dohezal lady. Now the fact that a substantial quantity of people know what I am referencing is the first of our collective failures. Not one iota of attention should be given to what hairstyle this person wears, what vernacular she has learned, or what culture she claims because the people who have to interact with her in the small world she exists in can make their own choices, judgements, and hopefully school her some. She did exemplify one of the key ways that non-Black peoples continually fail the struggles of Black folk for justice, in that she got large scale media attention, had a paying job at the forefront…

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to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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