some of my truths

I am not sure I want biological children of my own

I love being an aunt. I am terrible and know better but spoiling them is one of my favorite things.

I love being a teacher, and I think that I am good at it.

I want more freedom in my life.

I am a total groupie for the country of Colombia. And I know how that sounds like exotification and other problematic modes of thinking, but oh well.

I love Black people, Black culture and will fight for the freedom Black peoples deserve.

I have stories, and I used to tell them all the time, and now I want to write my stories and write them well.

I know the man of my dreams is out there, and I know that he is busy right now, and we will meet when it is meant to be.

I have a E.U. passport and don’t take advantage of it. Europe feels like a museum trapped in time.

I have more to figure out, but as long as I continue to be reflective and responsible to myself and others, I can make those discoveries.

to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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