the joy of sentences

collective failure

A writer wants to work with words. A writer finds struggle and joy in using words.

I was full of doubt, anxiety, fret, and uncertainty when I went off to a writing retreat for a week. I kept torturing myself with just one word “writer”. What did it mean to be a writer? Why bother or why not? I strung myself up with those thoughts. I suffocated myself with those thoughts. And then I arrived. And the irony was that it is in those questions that I felt most like a writer. There were my people, writers, expressing their own version of the same thoughts that had overtaken me. And in that I found the peace I needed to continue writing.

Playing with words can happen in wild or in a structure, one guide I am using as of now is Brooks Landon’s Building Great Sentences – How to write…

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to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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