only fools fall in love…with words

who would ever be foolish enough to fall in love with words,

words are devilish, hiding among us waiting to pounce

words contain dangers unforeseen, and we walk among them blind as can be

words can communicate so much, or nothing at all. images, scents, sensations can be understood throughout this wide world. even numbers are safer to make sure that everyone is following. but words, words are hardly understood by people who speak the same language. words can be taken out of context, rearranged, mistranslated…ready, aim, fire. And no one really knows where the words may land or what kind of havoc they will wreak.

no you have to be a fool to fall in love with words.

no war was ever justified with paintings, equations, and punches. the enemy can only be identified once a label has been assigned. That is where those pesky things we call words get their power. It is with words that we label, divide, direct, decline; it is with words that we seek to harm and lay out the plans to succeed. Words have rules of their own, and bureaucrats to enforce these rules. Words are deceptive enough to seem like our friends, to speak for us, to do what we think we can’t. And once we have been lulled into a lazy slumber, eyes seeing just through shadows of lashes, words then gather their power to wage vicious attacks, in our name. Our names, just words in control once again.

to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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