everyone owes my mom an apology

Causes of this post:

1. Mothers Day

2. The Daily Show guest – author of Missing Microbes

3. the vaccine debate

4. because she was right

Here are a few of the lessons my mother instilled in me when I was growing up:

  • cows milk isn’t meant for humans, baby cows have four stomaches (technically 4 digestive compartments) to be able to digest it and even then regurgitate their food to be able to digest it
  • red meat is not a necessary part of a human’s diet, and eating all that flesh and blood may not be so good for people
  • any product that was bleached is not appropriate for human consumption
  • eating ice cream in the winter time is just pure foolishness
  • antibiotics don’t treat most of the reasons you get sick, and they kill all the bacteria in your digestion system – actually weakening your immune system
  • a fever is just your body’s immune system engaging in a fight, it is not a sign of an emergency
  • kale has enough calcium for your body
  • being exposed to different viruses and bacteria is how your immune system builds its protective powers, not something to fear
  • really, what baby is going to be exposed to Hepatitis A or B – so then why do we inject those into them before the age of 2
  • BUT when you do run the risk of exposure, get the vaccines – and they will hurt and they will make your immune system work overtime, and you will feel weaker, perhaps even sick, which is why it is odd that we give so many of them, at the same time, to young babies
  • fake sugar is just as bad, if not worse than real sugar
  • caffeine is a drug – so many people are addicted to it
  • sugar is a drug – many people become addicted to it
  • vegetables should come in as pure a form as they come from in nature: no pesticides, no cans, no frozen, no processed to look/feel/taste some kind of way

Now of course this applies to many mother’s out there in the world, mother’s who refused to be bullied about how to raise their children. Indigenous communities that understood that what ails us and heals us is all part of nature. And that learning how to listen to your own body and the body of your loved ones can give you insights into how to heal. Healing occurs by considering the cause of dis-ease, not treating the symptoms just to feel better for a little bit.

I don’t know how my mother stood up for me against all the looks of doubt, inquiring questions, and challenges to her choices. “But calcium is so critical, how will she ever get enough without milk?” “Oh come on, one hot dog isn’t that big a deal.” “Diet soda is made with artificial sweetener, so it is not as bad for her teeth.” – the dentist. “If she has an earache, just give her some medicine.” “You know what works really well, Tylenol Cold Medicine.” “But aren’t you concerned?” “Isn’t that a little extreme.”

My mother’s knowledge came from an array of life experiences and life learning, but her strength came from something deeper inside.


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  1. Lily says:

    Hey ARB, I like your post about your Mom. Nice to see some acknowledgement for her amazing strength. Gratitude is one of those sublime emotions and is the reward for appreciation of what you have received. Sweet!

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