Adolescent rebellions

Before I had anything to lose, before I had the ties that bind, the sense of considering the future in terms of retirement funds, when I saw the world though an truly suspicious eye…
I’d told myself, Amelie. Do not simply get a job, make a family and forget you’re obligations beyond that, don’t let your vision narrows. And the day to day can constrict your ocular muscles. A piece called

this is water by David foster Wallace

Struck a tone that resonated with this deep layer, this early tree ring, my core. He reminds us that our default setting is to think that we are the center of the universe, that everything revolves around ourselves and is in cause and effect to our selves. When that is a ludicrous notion. The universe is swirling energy far beyond our comprehension as well as the most minute molecules that we inhale only to exhale.

to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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