inspired by friends

but i wanted to let you know that that that was one of
the most beautiful emails i have ever received…Have
you ever thought of writing a novel?

I just found this in an old email. I was searching back to find some of the details and thinking from the time my first story takes place. And I found this, from a dear dear friend.

And it then followed by this “What a nice flavor of your trip — you are a good writer, keep doing
it! ”

So I suppose this writing enterprise has been building. and really all it takes to write, is to sit down and actually write. so that is what I will do.

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  1. amelieroseb says:

    just heard an author speak on his writing practice – from 10 pm – 3 am – Sunday – Thursday. I would love that, but it conflicts a tad with my teaching routine. But I will have to come-up with a writing routine.

  2. amelieroseb says:

    writing is slow and steady, although really just slow. the exciting part is about the boy, but he hasn’t even been met yet, on the pages.

  3. amelieroseb says:

    3 pages so far, and in the story I haven’t even met the magical mystery man.

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