pirhanas on the woman’s soul

whether reading the magazine industry pirhanas that feed off women’s insecurities or the holistic meditation that profit from trying to absolve women of these guilts, the mantra is that “you must love your body”. The heart and the mind are intertwined and your physical body feels the vibrations from your larger self.

But for the first time, I am not in dialogue with my body about how I want it to look, or what number I want it to represent, now I want my body to be able to do certain things. I want my muscles to have the strength to lift my whole self. I want my ligaments to stretch so that I can straighten all the way through. I want my abs to be able to carry the weight.

In this effort I have come to really talk with my own body. Not in reflection of what anyone else can do, for many of the women I am practicing with can do oh so much more, but in doing better than I have done. In getting my body to a new level. Even if it cannot be seen by the outside nor by the electronic number nor any other measure. But I cannot say I love my body right now, perhaps love it in the way that I have high expectations and the patience and the perseverance to work with my body to push it.

And with the new strong body, I can wrestle any pirhana and tame it.

to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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