Bookstores have a self-help aisle, where is the help others aisle?

When I think the distribution of goods, there is the standard concept of material goods, which people feel they are due for their hard work. I can’t say my sense of reward is much different – when I see someTHING I want, I can rationalize it as a reward for my hard work. But the great thinkers of our time have already tackled this notion.

When I think of the distribution of goods, I consider the things of true eternal value- time, love, patience, caring. These are the the goods that cannot be simply bought and sold in the marketplace. These are the goods that members of any social class can squander. As well they are the goods that anyone can give. And I find them to be what people are the miser for the most.

There are those who are willing to carry extra weight, who will take on the burden of others, who will lighten the load of those who carry so much so greatly. A person with a physical deficiency who needs some patience from the rest of us in such a rush. A child who seeks guidance or a story or a little game or some love. A student who needs to discuss one idea in greater detail. A young person or an older person who just needs a chance at a new job. But I am getting away from my core theory of goods.

Allow us not to see ourselves as so sacred, so whirled around our own selves, in such a depth of our selves, that we cannot see beyond. That we cannot push past our own limitations, self-created disabilities, to not stretch out and carry the weight. We live in a heavy heavy world, full of people sinking down into the depth, and we can all add some luminosity, some helium, some strength the carry the weight.

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