recording rather than experiencing, recording in place of memory

I went out to hear music this evening, spiritual, traveling, crossing time and space music. and it struck me how many people, including myself, take flix. I call it a flix, a short little tic, a tic tic tic tock tic tock. listen listen, flix.

what are we recording so much for, do we often take the time to look past, to re-experience, to remember. To be a member, a member of a moment, the re-remember. To return to a place where we are there again. But with such an onslaught of recording, a fear of forgetting, is that what charges us. But remembering takes time, time away from recording something else, something new.

And in all that time we take to record, we then fail to experience that moment we are so invested in taking. the experience becomes not a wholeness, but an attempt to freeze time. yet we all know time cannot be frozen, experiences cannot be relived, watching the iphone grainy video will not re-inspire the spirit of the moment. It cannot raise the dead. And thus the paradox is that we seek so much to record, that in the end, that in which we want not longer exists. We have all become documentarians of our own little lives, but in the end it is just one of the photographs, you remember, when you got to handle a camera for the first times and as did your friend, so you each took a picture at the same time, of you both holding up a camera, clicking at the same time, capturing the same moment. A flix of a flix of a tic, tic, tock.

to fail or not to fail, what is your response

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