what could be a bigger downer than “failure”

I had started this blog with just my name, but it is not about me as a person, my writing here is meant to be me as a thinking, observing participant in our world. Collective failure was going to be my first entry, which seemed like a terribly depressing notion. I’d pondered, “will I simply be producing something to make people feel bad about themselves and their world?” now that is useless; but on this Saturday, the true meaning came to the surface of my thinking. Individual failure is an overwhelming sense of impossibility: that I, as a person, have failed someone else, that I, as a teacher, has failed a student, that I, as an American has failed the world at large. But in this paradigm, the failure is collective. Not one person, nor a game of blame. Rather if it is collective failure than we have a chance at collective redemption.

Collective redemption. I like the sound of that.

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